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Young Mirchies, over the last few years have focused on futuristic & experiential event technologies in India as well as abroad. Hence to extend support to you in the current situation as your "Virtual" Event Management Partner we have made the right use of these technologies to take your events online too.

Be it a Virtual Conference/ Expo, Live Webinar, Product Launch, Virtual Awards, Virtual Product Showroom et al. we have the right solutions to conceptualise & bring them all to reality…though Virtually!

Our virtual event solutions are result based, enabling us to customise, modify and provide the right event solution & format basis the scale & purpose of the event, type of event, expected ROI and similar factors.

The power of Virtual Events.
Taken further...

1. YMVirtual ConExpo – A Step further than just A Virtual Event!!
A virtual platform created by Young Mirchies for Conference/ Exhibition organisers to host exciting Conferences, Trade Shows, Awards and more to give an immersive virtual event experience to sponsors, clients & attendees at large. For Brands & Corporate Client’s alike, the platform can be customised into a virtual venue with product launches using chroma key, product zones, networking, resource center and more...
So basically, Customised environments for customised needs…

2. Live Webinars – Quite Unlike Webinars!!
A live chat format where online meets can be taken a notch higher with Virtual 3D Setups, Sponsor Logos, Company Branding and more immersive features like Live Polls, Survey’s, Visual Effects etc. to make it feel like a customised online event rather than just another live chat. Reach out to a much larger audience with Live Streaming on Social Media like YouTube, Facebook and more...

3. Virtual Walkthrough Events – And you thought you can’t move around a Virtual Environment!!
A Live Action Event format where your digital avatar can walk through the event venue, in areas like conference, exhibition, brand showroom with 3D products on display. What’s more, Do Voice Chats real-time when you approach other attendees in the same environment…An Experience So Real, you’ll wonder whether its Virtual.

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We are adding more to the Virtual Event Experience, as you read through.

For a detailed live demo on these platforms, click the schedule widget to your right or drop us a virtual hello at

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