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Please read carefully the following terms and conditions.

Whereas the client seeks to avail services for event management with Young Mirchies, for the purpose of Corporate events/ Core events/ Entertainment events/ Experiential marketing and other Allied services.

And whereas for the purpose of more fully and conveniently availing of the services agreed to be provided by Young Mirchies and also the additional services that may be made available by Young Mirchies from time to time, the Client, on its own free will, agrees to accept and be bound by the following terms and conditions.

The Client understands that these terms and conditions are voluntary i.e., non-mandatory in nature but on their acceptance in appointing Young Mirchies to execute their event, these shall constitute the contract between the parties and bind them fully and be enforceable by each party against the other.

Young Mirchies is purely into Event Management business. Client understands that Young Mirchies will not render any services other than Event Management.

  • 1. Payment will be accepted by cash, cheque or online transfer. Where payment by the client for availing services is made through cheque / pay order / demand draft should be issued in favor of “Y. M. Events”, further event preparation may be executed at the discretion of Young Mirchies only upon realization of the funds of the cheque/pay order/demand draft.
  • 2. The client understands and agrees that Young Mirchies may levy additional charges for any additional services rendered by Young Mirchies as may be required by the Client, and recover from the Client any costs, as may be consequential for offering such services.
  • 3. Client agrees that he shall not act as a broker/ agent/ intermediary/ authorized person without prior written permission from Young Mirchies.
  • 4. Young Mirchies shall transmit to the Client Invoice copy over email or through post/ courier, according as mode of transmission preferred by the Client, and the client agrees to bring to the notice of Young Mirchies any discrepancy in the Invoice in respect of any accounting entry/entries within seven working days from the date of receipt of the respective account statement failing which the account statement as transmitted shall be deemed to be correct and accepted by the client.
  • 5. Client is aware and agrees that Young Mirchies has not authorized any agents, representatives, employees or other persons to make any type of promise, assurance, guarantee, undertaking or commitment to the Client whether in writing or otherwise on behalf of Young Mirchies other than person authorized to do so.
  • 6. In the event Client is found to have indulged in any manipulative, fraudulent and/or unfair practice or to have committed a breach of the applicable laws, regulations, guidelines, Bye-laws, by acts or omissions, whether directly or indirectly before or after the event, Client shall be held solely liable for the legal and financial consequences thereof which may include penalties, restrictions or prohibitions or such other actions by appropriate authority.
  • 7. Young Mirchies will not be liable for losses caused by government restriction, suspension of computer, communication, telephone, technical glitches or unexpected malfunctioning of speakers, mics, LED, projector, lightings, electronic equipments or system failure, natural calamities likeearthquakes, flood other events like war, corruption, strikes, accident, power failure, lack of transportation, congestion or disruption of communication net-work or links, or any other conditions beyond Young Mirchies control.If any, Young Mirchies may at any time terminate, discontinue or temporarily suspend services provided to the Client in the event of any such extraordinary event occurring without giving prior notice to the Client.
  • 8. Young Mirchies has all rights to recover payment if the client fails to fulfill his payment obligation under this agreement or due to Young Mirchies within a stipulated time period or any other charges for additional services requested by client.
  • 9. Young Mirchies reserves right to suspend or terminate this agreement without prior notice in case if client breaches any part of this terms, or violation of any rules and regulations/ laws for the time being in force.
  • 10. Client is aware that his/ her privacy is very important to Young Mirchies and strives to protect and maintain the personal information. Young Mirchies maintains proper KYC. Client agrees to furnish adequate information to Young Mirchies as may be required to organize event, client also agrees that Young Mirchies have right to cross check the authenticity of the furnished information by client. Young Mirchies will not disclose the information furnished by client to the third party except to government authorities as and when required without informing client.
  • 11. Client agrees to pay a booking deposit of 50% of total invoice value at the time of booking and the remaining 50% balance on completion of setup at venue. For bookings made within eight weeks of an event the total event fee will be due on confirmation of the booking.
  • 12. If client fails to pay the invoice amount as stated above, Young Mirchies reserves the right to charge interest at 0.5% per week on overdue fees.
  • 13. If for any reason the Client cancels the booking, the booking deposit of 50% of total invoice value will be forfeited. If for any reason the Contracting Party cancels the booking within two months prior to the event date, the Contracting Party shall be liable to pay the total price contracted for.
  • 14. Client agrees that once the event date is scheduled and booked any change of contracted event date made by the client up to 30 days prior to the event date, will incur a processing charge of 10% of the total invoice value. The agreed event date cannot be changed within 30 days prior to the event date without full invoice fees incurred.
  • 15. Young Mirchies shall have all rights to images and videos of the events captured by Young Mirchies and are retained by Young Mirchies. Whereas the client can use these images and videos if included as part of the package, but the ownership of the images and videos remains with Young Mirchies.
  • 16. The Client agrees that Young Mirchies can use the images and videos of the contracted event as for the marketing purpose, including advertisement, magazines, brochures and websites.
  • 17. Any printing material of brochures, invitation cards, hoardings, flex/ vinyls, sunboards, posters, banners, stickers, signs, labels, flyers, leaflets, postcards, calendars, standees etc should be given to Young Mirchies, three working days prior to the event date. Young Mirchies reserves the right to deny printing and will not be responsible for any defects in printing executed of the above said materials for the said project, if given within three days prior to the event.
  • 18. The client agrees that in case if there is any damage to any movable or immovable property or any equipment supplied by Young Mirchies or its dealers for event purpose, arising out of Client/ Guests act or omission, Client shall be liable to pay in full for such damages. Young Mirchies/ servants/ authorized person will not be liable to such damages of movable or immovable property or any equipment supplied for the event purpose, except where such damage is caused due to act or omission of Young Mirchies/ servants/ authorized person.
  • 19. Client is aware and satisfied that Young Mirchies is competent to offer event management services with its team and resources and client agrees to accept the terms and conditions of this service.
  • 20. In case any one or more of the terms and conditions contained in this document become invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect under any applicable law, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions contained herein shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby.
  • 21. Young Mirchies reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions herein contained by adding, deleting, modifying or varying the provisions thereof by giving notice to the Client.
  • 22. Client understands and agrees that the term of service will have validity till the completion of the event and full payment of the services by the client, from the acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  • 23. These Terms and Conditions are governed by Laws of India and will be interpreted by the Mumbai Courts. The Mumbai courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any claim or dispute which might arise out of or in connection with these terms and conditions/ services.

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